When the business is a cc:

  • We need a copy of the cc document
  • We need copies of all the partners’ ids
  • All the partners need to complete a resolution form if the liquor license is in the cc’s name.

The person stated on the liquor license should sign all the relevant documents.

In the case of a liquor license being transferred we need to have a copy of the section 129 document

We need a copy of the liquor license

We need a copy of the owner/license holder’s id

We need to receive back fully completed and original documents

The customer has to indicate their payment terms and estimated purchase value.

Available payment terms:

  • COD: Drivers will be instructed not to leave any goods without payment. We regrettably can’t accept post-dated cheques unless prior arrangements have been made. Bank charges will apply to R/D cheques & no cheques will thereafter be accepted for a six month period.
  • EFT: Customers paying via E.F.T need to email their confirmation through to Please remember to use your account name/number as reference.
    Payments have to show within 48 hours after delivery has been made.


The applicant has to make an appointment with the rep of the area.

Owner needs to complete the forms and attach the following:

  • Copy of owner ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Liquor license
  • Original documents only (no faxed or emailed copies will be accepted)
  • Application form goes to Accounts department for approval (takes up to 3 days)

Once approved forms go through to accounts department and account is opened.

Download Customer details Form
Download Agreement letter